How to Play Badminton Better (Tips & Tricks)

Ever wondered how to play badminton better? Read our article and you will become a better badminton player.

Just like any other sport, badminton is a very good form of exercise and is also fun. In order to be a great badminton player you need to be fast, have a great technique and a sense of strategy. If you want to maximize your winning chances you must learn how to exploit the weakness of your opponent.

Learn How To Play Badminton Better

how to play badminton betterBelow are listed some tips and tricks to help you play badminton better:

Try to always hit the center of the shuttle 

In order to make your shots more accurate and powerful you must hit the round rubber center of the shuttle also known as the sweet spot.

Hit the shuttle at the top of its arc

Hitting the shuttle at the top of its arc will allow you to have more control over the shuttle and you will be able to get a killer overhead shot. If you wait to much and the shuttle gets close to you it will lose the momentum and speed.

Remember to return to the middle of the court

After every hit you should go to the middle of the court. If you are in the middle it will be easier for you to reach the left or right side without running more than needed. Standing in the middle and preparing for the next shot is also called the position of readiness.

The short serve

The short serve is a nice way to catch your opponent off guard. Practice to hit the shuttle lightly but at a higher point so it does not fall into your side of the court. Dropping the shuttle closer to the racket is the key of the short serve.

The Long serve

Just like the short serve, the long serve can be a great way to surprise your opponent. He might completely miss it.

For a long serve you must let the shuttle fall in front of you while you swing the racket back in order to generate more momentum and then swing forward and hit the shuttle.

Make the back line your target

This is something that requires some practice before you will get it done consistently. Hitting the back line will make your opponent hit the shuttle with more force than a normal hit. In the beginning try to aim before the back line or you might miss it.

Practice your footwork

Footwork is a very important part of badminton. Try to stay on your toes and move your feet up and down while you wait for the next shot. To get in the right position and hit the shuttle you must make small movements with your feet.

Understanding your opponent’s game is very important

Whether you are playing with a friend or at a competition you should always try to understand the way your opponent plays. Some things to look out for: is he a more aggressive or defensive player, dominant shot (forehand or backhand), if his footwork is slow you can turn it to your advantage.

Make your opponent run around the court

Try to mix your shots in different places so that your opponent will have a hard time trying to guess where are you going to hit next.

Changing the direction of the shuttle

If you see the shuttle coming from your opponent straight to you then you should change its direction. This way your opponent might not have enough time to return it to you.

Never give up 

Everybody knows it is not fun when you lose but try to give it all you got and never get discouraged.

We hope that this article helped you to understand how to play badminton better and your next match is going to make you look like a professional player.

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